BIG Token - World's first ICO to fund existing landowners in building condominiums and hotels. Contributions are secured and 100% backed by prime land which are already owned.

BIG Tokens can be utilised to purchase condominiums and hotel services at preferential rates, driving demand for BIG Tokens and enhancing the token value.

BIG Token is committed to buy back tokens from our contributors one year after the completion of ICO - providing our contributors additional value.

Every face-value dollar of BIG Token at issue price is backed by a dollar in equity of real estate.

We have made a commitment to buy back tokens from our contributors. This will be starting one year after the completion of the ICO.

BIG Grp subsidiary regulated by Japan Ministry of Finance.

A token with genuine utility and intrinsic value.


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BIG Token Is LIVE!
The ICO has ended. The total raised was 0 ETH
The ICO will close on the 8th of May 2018 at 7pm GMT+8

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